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Licensed in Kentucky, Ohio, Kentucky Supreme Court, Ohio Supreme Court, and the Federal Court of Claims.  About Us.

Are you dealing with a legal matter?  Have you just been served with papers from an attorney or court? Whether it is a criminal, divorce, child support, custody, estate or other matter, you may need to seek legal counsel to protect your interests. Protecting your rights, your assets and your family‚Äôs welfare are important matters. Let us help you. The first step is calling for an appointment. (859) 746-0500

 What to bring to your first appointment. If you are dealing with paperwork from the court, have been served with papers or dealing with a civil matter such as divorce or custody, please bring those papers with you. If you are dealing with a criminal matter, please bring all of the court documents you have.

You may also want to bring in a list of questions that you want to review with an attorney. If you are coming in for a personal injury case, please bring with you copies of any medical records or pictures you have of the injury or scene of the collision, crash, impact or fall. Any paperwork that an insurance company sent you should also be brought to the appointment.  Preparing for Court


 Do you have a criminal court date coming up? Call us. Any type of criminal record can have lasting effects on your life. A felony record should be avoided at all costs because it could affect you for the rest of your life, including: your ability to get a good job, and a good car loan or home loan. Every time you are pulled over or stopped by the police, may affect future penalties, sentencing or plea deals for additional run-ins with the law, length of jail time and/or probation, your right to possess firearms are taken away, your rights to vote are taken away. Talking with Police.


Do you already have a criminal record? Have you been through a diversion program? Are you eligible to have your records sealed? Call us to see if there is a way to clean up a record that has some black marks on an otherwise clean record. Confidential Drug Testing 

We are here to help you. And we have been protecting your freedoms for over eighteen years.

News: Liability for bite argued. Boy was attacked by renter's dog. The Kentucky Enquirer.  February 18, 2012. 

UPDATES: July 17, 2012 - Liability for Dog Bites and what this means for Tenants and Landlords. (story by Jim Hannah, Cincinnati.com)

UPDATED: July 17, 2012 - Liability For Dog Bites (story by Gordon Graham, Fox 19 News

News:  Boone County, Kentucky Inmate Sues County Over Medical Treatment - Channel 12 News, Reporter, Jeff Hirsch, August 22, 2011.

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