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Whether you are in the middle of a divorce, facing a criminal charge, or seeking injury compensation, I, attorney Michael A. O’Hara, am prepared to take your case to trial – and win.

Advocating For Kentucky And Ohio Residents From My Office In Florence

Experience. Commitment. Dedication.

When you have to deal with the justice system – whether related to a civil or criminal matter – you need more than the truth on your side. You need a skilled attorney who can employ sound legal strategies to produce the results you are hoping for. If you live near Cincinnati, you may need a lawyer who is licensed in more than one state. If you have legal concerns in more than one area, you may also want an attorney who has more than one area of focus, and a record of success in each practice area.

I am attorney Michael A. O’Hara, and I am licensed to practice in Kentucky and Ohio at the state level, as well as in Federal District Court and the Federal Court of Claims. I have been representing clients in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati area since 1994. I am dedicated to serving the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati community from my office in Florence-Boone County.

Able To Represent You During Life’s Critical Moments

My firm, Michael A. O'Hara PLLC, Attorney at Law, was created with the understanding that people do not like having to hire multiple attorneys as they face legal issues that can occur during their lifetime – such as divorce, the need for estate planning and probate guidance, facing a criminal charge, or seeking compensation after an accident. I have secured positive results in all those practice areas for numerous clients. My goal is to represent clients again and again when they need my services.

In my career as an attorney, I have seen that those who achieve the optimal results for their clients are usually the best prepared. When we begin working on your legal matter, I research and prepare as if it will end up in court. I will not accept a settlement or a plea bargain on your behalf that is not in your best interest. This approach is why my firm enjoys the respect and trust of its clients.

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