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As much as we all try to avoid auto accidents, they can happen to any of us. Collisions occur often in the Kentucky which means you will eventually have to file an insurance claim. You will then be assigned to a claims adjuster. Following these guidelines can maximize your compensation on your claim…

Here Is What Your Adjuster Needs To Know

  • Where was the accident?
  • When was the accident?
  • Were there any eyewitness? If so, do we have contact information?
  • What information did I get from the other driver?
  • Was there a police report filed?

The adjuster does not need to obtain details on any injuries that you may have suffered or how the accident occurred.

Here Is What You Should Not Share With Your Adjuster

First and foremost, you should never allow an adjuster to record any information you provide regarding the accident. In Kentucky, it is not the law that you have to give a statement while being recorded. Giving a recorded statement could put your claim at risk.

  • Never admit fault Even if you feel you were at fault for the accident, never admit it. It is the claims adjuster’s job to make the determination of who was at fault.
  • Never discuss injuries sustained – Discussing your injuries too soon could result in a low settlement. So often we don’t realize the extent of the injuries immediately after an accident.
  • Never discuss your day-to-day activities If you disclose your daily activities, the adjuster may find a way to get you to discuss this and then use it against you.

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