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Daycare providers and their workers are under moral and legal obligations to care for the children in their facility. Unfortunately, there are times these workers fail to meet the demands of their job or act negligently, leading to abuse or neglect of the child. As a parent, you never want to realize that your child is a victim, but it is important to be on the lookout for the signs and symptoms of improper treatment – and to know what steps to take as well.

Identifying Abuse

It can be difficult to identify abuse sometimes. Oftentimes, if a child is anxious, parents assume that it’s because they simply do not want to be apart from them – rather than the fact that they are being abused. While anxiety about going to daycare is a potential indicator that something is wrong, you should also look for other symptoms, like bruises or cuts, frequent injuries, unexplained nightmares or night terrors. There are many undocumented incidents that occur; so be a vigilant parent. If your child comes home with a suspected injury, take them to the hospital and ask to see surveillance video of the day at your daycare facility. Make sure your daycare files a report of any injury and takes action to see the child is treated. As devastating as an abuse must be for your child and you, there are cases of daycare abuse and neglect that must be reported. Unfortunately, these are sometimes covered up by the facility. It can be frightening to accuse someone of neglect or abuse, especially if you cannot be certain. However, when you have mounting suspicions that your child is being abused or neglected, it is important to take steps to solve the problem.

Lack Of Supervision And Neglect

In addition to abuse, a child may fall, choke or be hurt by another child due to lack of supervision. Does the facility have proper first aid training?

Here are some daycare warning signs to look out for:

  • Lack of cleanliness
  • No accreditation
  • Doesn’t follow state licensing requirements
  • Activities don’t support development
  • Poor communication
  • High employee turnover rate
  • Poor reviews and a high number of complaints

Bad teachers place children at risk for developing mental and social problems. Having a license to teach does not equate to having a good attitude toward childcare. Choosing a daycare provider for your child is an exciting but daunting task. Keep these red flags in mind when choosing a daycare or switching daycares and trust your gut.

What To Do If You Suspect Daycare Abuse, Neglect, Or Lack Of Supervision

Each state and territory has a system to receive and respond to reports of possible child care health and safety violations. The agencies are designated to receive and investigate reports of suspected child care health and safety violations. Professionals, families, and concerned citizens can use the contact information to report their concerns. If a child begins to tell you about possible abuse, please listen carefully. Contact the police. If you have evidence of abuse, file a report with your local police department to start an investigation. Contact an attorney who can assist you with your daycare abuse case. Your attorney will be able to ensure proper channels are notified of the abuse or neglect as well as hold the daycare facility responsible for their actions or the actions of their employees. Parents often have amazing intuition when it comes to their children. Fight for your child today and do not ignore this intuition. Your child deserves safe and nurturing care!

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