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One of the most common types of injuries that people sustain in a car crash is Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD). When something causes a rapid and forceful back and forth movement of the neck, whiplash can occur. This type of injury can occur, for example, during rear-end automobile collisions. Injuries range from mild to severe. The main symptom is a pain in the neck and shoulders. the majority of people suffering from a whiplash injury will recover in a few months, however, about 25% will not. MRI Testing will allow the doctors to determine which patients will develop chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, and disability. Nearly 4 million Americans suffer a whiplash associated disorder due to automobile accidents every year. If you are experiencing whiplash due to a car crash in Kentucky, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer. You will need to seek legal counsel and representation so that you can focus on your health and recovery while also pursuing legal action.

10 Symptoms Of Whiplash

Approximately 10% of whiplash victims become permanently disabled due to the severity of the symptoms. 60% of those who suffer the mildest possible version will still experience lifelong symptoms of whiplash, such as chronic pain and neck stiffness. The biggest issue with whiplash is that it occurs fairly easily.

Take a look at the ten most common whiplash symptoms to figure out whether you need professional help.

  • Headaches that begin at the base of the skull
  • Pain or tenderness in the upper back, shoulder, or arms
  • Neck pain that worsens with movement
  • Fatigue
  • Stiffness
  • Numbness or tingling in the arms
  • Dizziness
  • Tinnitus
  • Blurred vision
  • Depression

When To Contact A Doctor

Most mild to moderate cases of whiplash can be treated at home using over-the-counter pain medication and ice on the neck. But if your pain persists you should see a doctor, usually after a week of home remedies. Chances are that your whiplash pain will require treatment in order to get better. However, for the first 24 hours rest may help relieve some of your pain. During the first 72 hours following your injury, you can only use ice. Ice brings the swelling down. Heat is not helpful because it causes blood to rush to the area which actually increases inflammation. After about 3 days you can begin to use heat and ice interchangeably every few hours. Take acetaminophen and or ibuprofen your pain.

How A Pain Specialist Can Help You After A Whiplash Injury

Follow up with your primary care physician (PCP) for mild pain. See a pain specialist if your pain is severe, long-lasting (over 3-6 months), or not improving with treatment. You can also see a pain specialist immediately after a whiplash injury.

If your neck pain does not improve with initial treatments, a pain specialist can offer you more advanced treatments such as:

Trigger Point Injections: Numbing medication is injected into the painful muscles to relieve pain and allow you to start physical therapy.
Cervical Epidural: This injection places a steroid (reduces inflammation) and numbing medication around a painful spinal disc.
Selective Nerve Root Block: This injection places the numbing medication in your neck area in order to help pinpoint an irritated and painful nerve. It helps determine further treatments and also relieves pain.
Joint Injections: Whiplash forces injure the small facet joints in your neck. By injecting numbing medication and a steroid into these joints, your pain specialist can reduce the swelling and pain.
Occipital Nerve Block: This treatment helps reduce carcinogenic headaches and nerve pain in the back of the head and upper neck.

Whiplash Injury Compensation

Commonly referred to simply as whiplash, WAD is more than just a temporary pain. Whiplash can result in long-lasting problems that affect your ability to work and live life as you did before the accident. The damage is only exacerbated when the whiplash is not identified early and when those affected do not receive the compensation necessary to help in recovery. If you’ve suffered a whiplash injury because of a car crash, you’re probably wondering whether you can be compensated. Personal injury lawyers can help secure compensation for a whiplash injury. Under civil law, you are entitled to compensation for the losses you suffer as a result of another’s negligence. A wide variety of accidents can result in whiplash, including truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slips and falls, boating accidents, and much more. A lawyer will help protect your rights and give you honest advice as to whether you may be able to get compensation for your whiplash injuries.

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