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Have you slipped or fallen at a business or property that you don’t own? It may be because of negligence on their parts that you fell. If so, it might be the time to reach out to a personal injury lawyer to be compensated for their wrong doing. Your injury deserves compensation. 

Major Injuries Can Happen With a Slip or a Fall  

Injuries that could occur include broken bones, bruises, a concussion, large cuts, and skin lacerations. Unfortunately, the worst-case scenario sometimes happens, and a person dies as a result of their injuries from the slip or fall. If you have lost a loved one in a personal injury accident, you might be able to file a suit against the property or business owner.

Businesses Have Lawyers and So Should You

Insurers work their magic in an effort to get you to settle for less than what you actually need to cover your current or future medical expenses. Because insurance companies can be complicated, you should consider hiring a Kentucky personal injury attorney. Having a lawyer on your team will help you decide what is fair based upon how severe your injuries are while still allowing you to make a legal claim if you feel that the settlement you are offered is not enough.

Choosing The Best Personal Injury Lawyer

After a fall at a business or property, it is important that you hire the best personal injury lawyer to meet your needs. Be sure to ask all the questions you can think of about the lawyer and the firm. How many work-related injury cases have they won? What concerns do you have in regard to their ability to meet your needs? Interview a few lawyers; wait to choose one until after you have interviewed your prospective candidates and are confident in your choice. Your attorney will help you decide which actions to take based upon your unique situation. There is no reason that you should be choosing between keeping the lights on or paying your medical bills if you were injured during your fall and there was some negligence by the property or business owner where it happened.

Micheal A. O’Hara Can Help You With Personal Injury Negotiation and Litigation

Injuries happen unexpectedly, and they can lead to major setbacks for victims and their families. Injury victims and their loved ones not only have to deal with the injury itself but also with a significant financial burden that these situations cause. I have an experienced team with the resources necessary to fully investigate your slip or fall and recover the compensation you deserve.
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