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A contract is vital when approaching a business agreement. In Kentucky, there are different types of contracts, written and implied. It’s important to understand the difference. 

Employment Contracts

Whether you are the employee or employer, having a clear understanding of your relationship with one another is critical. A contract, written or implied, will guide you through the complex grounds of this business arrangement. Written contracts are just this, they state what the expectations are of each party, responsibilities, and benefits. Often, employees aren’t aware of what the contract states if they are to terminate their employment. For instance, whether they can work with a competitor of the employer.Most likely the implied employment contract will not state the details in writing, but use statements made during conversations during employee and employer. These discussions may have taken place during the interview process or as the employee’s responsibilities may change during employment. It may be possible that one’s pay or benefits may increase if their title changes with the newly assigned responsibilities.

Understanding The Variables In Either Of The Contracts Will Be Beneficial For All

A written contract will sort all the details out more clearly as it’s on paper. With an implied contract, it could turn into a he said-she said, however there are always ways to prove that the agreement is valid, and the requirements were met.Understanding the difference between the two contracts will be very useful and will allow you to proceed accordingly with ease, especially if one of the parties is disputing the agreement.

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