Social Security Disability

Have you been denied Social Security Disability benefits?  

Do you have a current application decision that needs to be appealed?  There is a very short window of time to appeal a denial of benefits.     


     A medical condition(s), physical or mental that will affect your ability to work for longer than a 12 month period may qualify you for disability benefits.  Sometimes it is a condition that comes on suddenly, like an accident at work, or home.  Sometimes it is a condition that you have been dealing with for years, but now comes with complications or other serious illnesses. 

     The Social Security Administration does not provide benefits for a short-term disability, nor for partial disability.  The office of Michael A. O’Hara, PLLC understands the serious nature of what it means to be disabled for an extended period of time.   We understand there are financial concerns while you are unable to work.   You can call the office to schedule a free initial consultation. 

Initial Application Filing Date

     One of the most important dates when filing for benefits is the initial application date.  If the Social Security Administration awards benefits, this will determine when the benefits begin.  For example, if you were to apply for benefits in February of this year, the SSA could look back to the original date (February) of the application to be able to award benefits, even if you are awarded benefits after appealing next year.

     If you do not file your SSA appeal according to their deadlines, you will then need to start the entire application process over again.  Losing an earlier date of disability would affect your back-pay benefits.

     Do not lose your application date because of a missed deadline.  Contact the office of Michael A. O’Hara, PLLC and schedule your free consultation.

Social Security Review Hearing

     After filing for benefits, the Social Security will review your medical records and may require a hearing to help make the determination.  A hearing is held in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).  You will be notified prior to the hearing on when and where it will be held.  You have the right to have someone with you to represent you at this hearing.  

    Here is a partial list of the questions that will be reviewed during the initial meeting.

1.         1. Did any of your doctors suggest to you that you might want to apply for disability?

2.     2. What medical, mental conditions are you currently dealing with?  And how long have you been dealing with them?

3.     3. When was the last time you were able to work before you became ill?  When you were working, did you miss a lot of work to attend doctor appointments or treatment?

4.         4. How does the illness, or the treatment for your condition, affect your daily life?


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