Your Medical Records, Your Privacy & Who Has Authorized Access

Everyone has heard of Identity Theft.  But not everyone realizes that thieves are interested in getting your medical records not only for the identifying information in the records, but some thieves are interested in getting medical treatment in your name.

How does it affect me if someone gets treated using my identity?

-         You do not want to be denied medical treatments or health insurance benefits if someone has already exhausted your health insurance coverage.   Or to have your health insurance rates go up because someone else received treatment for an illness or disease that would cause a rate increase.

-         You do not want someone to attempt to obtain prescription drugs that make it appear you are a drug addict and are trying to get prescriptions filled for unlawful purposes.  And you certainly don’t want to be arrested for something you didn’t do.

-         Incorrect information (from someone’s treatment) being entered into your medical records could cause a doctor to misdiagnose you or treat you for a condition that you do not have;

-         Incorrect information in your health records could cause a life insurance company to decline to cover you or cause your life insurance rates to increase.

How do I protect myself?

          Example:  When you are involved in a vehicle collision, your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company will ask you to fill out “releases” for you to sign and send to them.   They, in turn, would request all your records and you would lose control over who, when, or where they view your medical records.  And, if it is not relevant, you may not want certain records disclosed.  You would also want to have an agreement in place for what happens to your information after the case is over.

Another way to protect yourself

          The example above is one common scenario where a person may lose control over their medical information.   As your personal injury attorney, I will make sure that there are agreements in place before any medical releases are signed regarding what records will be released, what will happen to those records at the end of the case and if the records need to be stored, how they will be secured by each company, provider or expert witness.

          As a criminal defense lawyer, I can protect your rights and defend the charges against you and help you fight to protect your rights.  

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