Talking with the Police

  • Should I talk to the police that call my house and ask for me to come into the police station for an interview?
  • Should I talk to the police without a lawyer if they come to my work and invite me to go with them to the police station for questioning?
  • The police want me to give a statement. Should I?
  • Should I contact the police with information (other than for emergency purposes)?


 All the questions above are good questions. You need to understand the job of the police is to collect evidence. Most often, people who talk with the police actually wind up providing the police information about themselves. Which is why they may question you, even if you did not do anything wrong.


If you are being called in (or invited in) for “questioning”, even if they don’t arrest you, a lawyer can help protect your civil rights. The police may give you the impression that they don’t plan to arrest you, so you really don’t need a lawyer. However, you are allowed to have a lawyer present and having a lawyer can do several things: (1) protect your rights; (2) explain any information the police give you; and (3) make sure that you are not “maneuvered” or “cornered” into admitting something unwise.

 There are special laws in place for questioning a minor. A lawyer should always be present when the police, detectives or other court persons question a minor.

If you have information that you want to give to the police about someone else, is that information, in any way, going to get you in trouble? Are you able to give the information to the police in a calm and reasonable way, giving them all the necessary information they need to pursue your concerns? First let me state that if your house is on fire – call 911. If there is no immediate threat to you or anyone else, have you examined what is the reason(s) you want to talk to the police? Are you upset at someone and want to get them in trouble? Was a situation not handled by the police in the way you thought it should be and you are calling to give them more information? Do you know of illegal activity and as a good citizen want to report it?


If you have been charged with; asked to give a statement about; or are being questioned / interrogated about any of the following charges (or any other criminal charges), please contact my office as soon as you can.

Drug Offenses
 Possession of a Controlled Substance
 Trafficking of Controlled Substance (Sale/Distribution)
 Possession with Intent to Sell a Controlled Substance
 Marijuana Possession
 Marijuana Cultivation
 Trafficking of Marijuana within school zone
 Possession of a Forged / Altered Prescription
 Prescription Drug Not in Proper Container
 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
 Possession of Methamphetamine
 Manufacturing Methamphetamine

 Breaking and Entering
 Theft by Unlawful Taking (less than $300 or over $300)
 Theft by Deception
 Burglary
 Receiving Stolen Property
 Identity Theft
 Possession of Burglar’s tools
 Criminal Trespassing
 Robbery
 Fraud
 Arson

Assault Charges
 Assault
 Battery
 Menacing
 Wanton endangerment
 Criminal Abuse
 Violation of Restraining Order
 EPO (Emergency Protective Order)
 Stalking
 Harassment
 Harassing Communication
 Domestic Violence

 Carrying a concealed weapon (without a permit)
 Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon
 Discharge of a weapon (in a public place)

Arresting/Jail Charges
 Resisting Arrest
 Evading Police
 Jumping Bail
 Perjury
 Probation Violation
 Escape (from jail)
 Parole Violation 

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